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Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm

Imada Shuzo, Hiroshima

Fukucho Hattanso Junmai Ginjo Hybrid Kimoto

217,00 zł

富 久 長 八 反 草  純 米 吟 醸  ハ イ ブ リ ッ ド 生 酛

This special Junmai Ginjo is a reinterpretation of the historic Kimoto brewing process. In a sense, you could say that brewmaster (Toji) Miho Imada is making a sake that takes advantage of both ancient and contemporary brewing methods. Kimoto is all about acidity and especially lactic acid, whereas the modern sokujo brewing method focuses on clarity and purity. In a fusion of the two approaches, Imada shuzo produces a complex and nuanced sake that feels refreshingly new. The raw material used is as unique as is the novel brewing process. A regional heirloom rice variety named Hattanso is used to produce Junmai Ginjo Hybrid Kimoto. Imada shuzo is the only brewery in Japan to used this phantom sake rice.

If you are familiar with Fukucho sake, you won't doubt for a moment which brewery is behind this sake. The aroma is big and rich, with elements of young fruit. Smell a little closer and you get some beautiful lactic notes of fromage fraiche. A gentle bottle pasteurization and rapid bottling after pressing, results in a very vibrant and juicy sake with a slight effervesance, which Fukucho is known for. The acidity is fresh and uplifting with slightly sharp green notes. There are creamy elements that become more apparent as the glass nears room temperature, where the umami also expresses itself. Hybrid Kimoto provides a flavor experience that we are incredibly excited to present at Manaka.


Serving temperature: Drink it slightly chilled, at about 16 degrees, in a small white wine glass. At room temperature, the flavor opens up fully, with the aroma and sweetness of the taste being most prominent.

Food Pairing: In a word, seafood!. The lightly sparkling and fresh sake complements fresh water prawns, grilled langoustine and ceviche to near perfection. The fresh acidity also goes well with strong, soft cheeses like Camembert.


  • Content: 720ml
  • Alcohol: 16%
  • Polishing: 55% (Kojimai 50% - Kakemai 60%)
  • Rice Variety: 100% Hattanso
  • Yeast Type: HG 26BY & Reiwa 1
  • Water Hardness: 3.7 dh