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Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm

Hata Shuzo

Daijiro Yamahai Junmai

205,00 zł

大 治 郎 山 廃 純 米 火 入 れ 

Daijiro Hata manages to produce sake with three different fermentation methods within a very limited area, Kimoto, Yamahai and Sokujo. This is almost unheard of practice because the methods easily interfere with each other. Even more amazing is that Kimoto and Yamahai are brewed without the use of added yeast, only yeast cells from the air in the brewery. Hata shuzo has a special environment that allows this process to not only work, but produce some of the most delicious Junmai Sake in the Shiga region.

The Daijio interpretation of the Yamahai brewing process results in a very fine and elegant sake. The acidity has a sharpness and purity that is incredibly inviting and appetizing. The aroma is bright and minty-fresh, with overlapping notes of fresh cheese, koji and young cedar. The taste is characterized by a nice balance between floral sweetness, clear bitter notes and a long cool finish, reminecent of English liquorice.

Serving: Preferably at around 16 degrees, or at room temperature if you prefer a richer flavor. This sake can also be heated to 30-40 degrees, nurukan.

Food pairing: Pour this sake with dishes containing rice. A simple Japanese serving of rice, pickles, miso soup and grilled fish will be a great way to experience how much this sake can do for food. The high acidity of this sake also lends itself well to cheese. Soft cheeses like blue cheese, or a fresh and tart chèvre.

  • Volume: 720ml
  • Alcohol content: 16%.
  • Polishing: 60
  • Rice variety: 100% Ginfubuki (grown on the brewery's own fields)
  • Yeast: Spontaneous yeast from the air in the brewery environment
  •  Namazume (pasteurization in the bottle)

Brewery: Hata Shuzo, Shiga Prefecture