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Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm

Naohiko Noguchi Sake Institute

Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute Yamahai Gohyakumangoku Vintage 2018

CHF 92.00

山  廃  五  百  万  石

Noguchi Naohiko entered modern sake history when he started producing Yamahai sake in the 1960s for his then brewery Kikuhime in Ishikawa. The local customers, who were primarily forestry workers from the mountains around the brewery, demanded a flavorful and strong sake. Thus, Noguchi san began developing his Yamahai sake, a demanding and volatile process that relies on organic lactic acid and yeast spores from the brewery's environment to create a sake with a higher acidity and pronounced umami. He does it at a time when the vast majority of breweries in Japan are begining to shift their focus towards clean, fruity ginjo sake. Noguchi san is considered to be an essential protector and developer of the traditional Yamahai Zukuri brewing method.

This unique Yamahai sake will reintroduce most to the Yamahai style. Brewed with Gohyakumangoku rice, which shows new sides through the use of the Yamahai brewing method. It is, as if the special brewing process has enhanced the character of the rice type several times, sour, clear, bitter. A very special sake whose complexity, balance and length can only be described as a masterpiece.

Tasting notes: On the nose, pickled cherry, leather, roasted chestnut and tamari. The taste is tart, with delicate sweetness and an active bitter finish.

Food pairing: Think seafood with this sake, especially aromatic French oysters. Or soft cheeses with a bit of sharpness, such as matured brie and chévre.

Drinking temperature: Can be poured at any temperature. It is a flavorful sake that shines through even at cool temperatures, but feel free to try it at room temperature to feel the full flavor spectrum. A wine glass is perfect to let this vintage sake breathe and open up. It is a sake where the aroma is very prominent, so we prefer a wine glass.

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  •  Contents: 720ml
  •  Alcohol: 19%
  •  Polishing degree: 65%
  •  Rice variety: 25% Yamada Nishiki (Kojimai), 75% Gohyakumangoku (brewery's own fields) (Kagemai)
  •  Yamahai brewing process
  •  Namazake (unpasteurized)
  •  Genshu (undiluted)
  •  Muroka (no carbon filter)
  •  Yeast type:

Brewery: Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute, Ishikawa Prefecture