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Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm


Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Jægersborggade 10 kld tv, 2200 København N

Wed-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11am - 4pm

Sake Tasting Mise-en-Scène

We welcome all, from novices to versed sake connoisseurs alike. It is our wish to share the joy and excietement for sake, that has driven our work forward in Denmark since 2016. We want to present sake's plethora of taste impressions and enjoyment that always promises an unforgettable evening. 

manaka sake tasting in copenhagen

A fundamental part of our work with sake is making tastings. We have developed an atmospheric tasting room at the sake store in Jægersborggade, where we present our lineup and go in depth with each individual sake. We cover brewing techniques, sake culture and history, food pairing, etc. In order to create the best tastings, we emphasize open dialogue, where everyone is welcome to ask questions freely throughout the tasting. It is always fascinating to hear how others at the table experience taste, aroma, and sake in general. It is our experience that after initial sips of sake, conversation soon erupts! as the tastings can quickly turn into a party. Part of the joy of sake is how it affects the mood in ways that no other alcohol can. 

 Manaka sake shop jaergersborggade 2023

Selected bottles

We offer a hand-picked selection of premium sake that is completely unique. Our import of sake has been in development since 2016, we believe that it contains sake of truly rare quality. Through close collaboration with our brewery partners in Japan, we can offer an increasingly diverse and dynamic collection of premium sake. We choose the sake that moves us, the sake that we ourselves want to drink. This work of selecting and curating sake has led to a close relationship with a handful of Japan's most innovative and sought-after sake producers.

 sake produktion hos yamagata masamune og sakesmagnings-bord hos manaka



Our interior is fitted and made with Danish oak by a skilled ship's carpenter named Kristian. We call the tasting room "Fune", which means boat in Japanese. A word with two references for us; it is the name of the type of manual sake-press used by our friends at Mitobe sake brewery, who´s excellent sake we will be pouring. Fune is a long wooden box, shaped like a boat; it is a very elaborate way of pressing sake, which results in a particularly elegant and flavorful sake. 

 Scene design af adolphe appia

A room made of light

Through a longer research process, we have established a stage for sake tastings which enriches the experience. The precise, architectural lighting brings focus to the sake, with a light source that has an incredibly pleasant glow and accurate color reproduction. The light has a relaxing effect; but also a clarity that sharpens ones attention. The work and fascination with light also comes from our work with visual art, where scenographer Adolphe Appia's progressive stagings of Wagner's operas have been a consistent inspiration. In his work, he creates spaces of light, in support of physical backdrops.     


Lilla snerler, som er æstetisk inspiration for sake smagnings rummet hos manaka 


The presentation of sake is an inter-disciplinary project. Research and involvment in gastronomy, design, architecture, music, photography, etc. We hope that our interests shine through in the overall impression that you experience at a sake tasting. The context around sake culture is important, it enriches and deepens the experience of sake as it connects with currents of Copenhagen's cultural fauna.